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by princy william (2019-05-16)

The toric contact lenses iGenics offer two special features. The regular spherical eye wears comprise of only one specific power all over the lens. The other one comprises of two powers. These are ideal in rendering the best vision to the users. Recently advanced kind of toric lenses have been launched in the market. These eye wears are usually disposable. Their life span is only for 2 weeks. Some branded companies have induced special advanced technologies into these lenses i.e. the eye wears automatically adjust and cling to the pupil of the eyes and they do not tend to move, when the user blinks his/her eyes. The lens and the blink work together, thereby keeping the lens intact. These accessories are not disposable types, so they can be reused after adequate cleaning. The toric lenses are also useful for those people, who have dry eyes. These are mainly ideal for those people, who spend most of their time outside in a dry or windy climate. These eye wears comprise of extra moisture and they are capable of retaining the moisture content till they are worn. People to date can buy eyeglass lenses or frames separately from optical stores - this was impossible in the past. The reason why buyers love to buy or retailers tend to sell these products is very hard to explain, but what people can see is these products are really hot in the market. Usually, these products are aimed at consumers of different groups. For example, there are plastic frames for women that are very popular among female wearers. Plastic is the main material employed to make these frames, though sometimes some other materials are also used. Usually, plastic can be divided into two groups, namely, traditional plastic and new plastic. The former is used at very early time, almost when the first plastic glasses appear, but it is also upgraded with today's technology; the new plastic makes their appearance with the latest technology- they have more advantage than traditional products. Of course, the two frames can meet the demands of buyers of all walks of life.