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by princy william (2019-05-16)

There are few things to LumaSlim consider. First and the most important one is your own relationship to your weight and to your self esteem - and when thinking about this, you have to be truthful to yourself. When you are alone, when there is no one looking - what do you really think? Do you feel good about yourself? Are you happy the way you look? Do you miss those good old days, when you were younger and slimmer? Because the truth is; if you are not happy about yourself, it shows around. No matter how well you are trying to hide your inner feelings, it really shows to everybody. It shows to your friends, to your spouse, to the neighbour across the street, to the future employer, to the co-operators. And when you don't feel easy with your self, everybody around you starts to feel uneasy too. And you know it yourself, it is not nice to feel uneasy - people are subconsciously trying to avoid that feeling and people are surrounding themselves with people they feel comfortable with. It is just a natural thing to do. The second issue when thinking about Success in Life and Weight is the job interview. Picture the following; The employer has reviewed your application and is anxious to meet you in person - your application looks great and you really gave a good impression about yourself in writing. Then you are asked to go in and you walk inside - you will immediately give to the employer The First Impression, even before you open your mouth. As you may have heard or read before, The First Impression may be very difficult to change and whether you like it or not, your outer looks (and of course your weight) is part of that First Impression. If you seem confident and happy with yourself, maybe the employer looks behind the weight and sees the real you. But Employers have to think about also the Return Of Investment their employees will give to the company and if he thinks your weight might be a problem (whether or not it gives health issues in the future, whether or not the customers like you, whether or not you give good impression about the company etc.) - all these factors are behind the decision process. You don't have to be genius to guess, that if there is a job seeker which have exactly the same plusses as you have AND she or he is normal weight - the job very often goes to this normal weight person. Of course it is wrong and quite few employers confess this is happening, but the reality shows.