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by princy william (2019-05-15)

Water is not only important LumaSlim because it keeps us hydrated but it also helps us lose weight. In fact for every cup you drink you burn 8 calories of fat. Now of course I am going to bring up the eight glasses a day rule. You should always get at least six glasses a day. What I do is just drink a glass after every meal and then a few in between. You should not try to drink too much at once because you may feel bloated and end up having to go to the bathroom pretty bad later on. With that being said you should not try to drink more than ten glasses because there is a such thing as drinking too much. Like I said before you should always have things in moderation. Drink water when you are thirsty. Replace any soft drinks or sugary juices you tend to have. Sugary drinks are one of the main causes of weight gain because of all the sugar. This also goes for juices that you may think is good for you. For example grape juice does have its benefits like vitamin C but it also tends to be high in calories and loaded with sugar. It could be as bad as soda so you should be careful. If you get juice you should always look on the cover and make sure there is no added sugar and that there is no concentrate which actually may be hard to find. Wouldn't it be great if you could stop the fat coming on in the first place? Well you can. The way you do this is by learning new eating and lifestyle habits. You need to change your behavior for long lasting change to take place. Stop Fat and Deliver! You only become aware of fat when it's too late, don't you? It's how soon you try and reverse the process that's important. The earlier do this the better, obviously. But most people find that they have to go on a diet to get back to a weight they feel comfortable with. The way to make sure that you stop fat becoming a problem in your life is to make change. Change can seem a daunting prospect, particularly if you're stuck in a rut or you live your life on autopilot. Fear of the unknown is always uncomfortable. Our gut reaction is to avoid it at all costs, but once we begin to open up to change, it becomes a liberating experience. It opens up new opportunities, and puts a positive slant on life. There can be no progress-no learning-without change so we must welcome change as a friend and look for new opportunities to enrich our lives. Get used to change. Start by making simple changes in your life on purpose. For instance, change your shopping habits. Go to a different store. Buy different products. Even go as far as going home by a different route. This simple exercise is just to get to you used to doing things differently. To make you aware of change and to a get rid of any fear of change.