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Combat Shooter System

by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-15)

"I sure have, replied the farmer. What do you do? Combat Shooter System Can you run a tractor?" "Nope," answered the young man. "How about a milking machine?" "Never worked one of those either," answered the lad. After a few more questions and the same negative responses, the farmer finally asked: "Well, what can you do?" "I can sleep while the wind blows," answered the young man In no mood for joking, the farmer almost told the young lad to be on his way. But he needed help so badly that he decided to give him a try. A week or so later the farmer woke in the middle of the night. Outside a storm was blustering. Sheets of windblown rain were battering away at the windows. The farmer jumped out of bed and went to the hired hand's room. Efforts to rouse him proved fruitless. So the farmer rushed outdoors in the howling storm to take care of things, by himself. When he got to the barn, the doors were already shut and bolted. The animals were secured in the safe shelter of the barn. Remembering that there was straw and feed in back of the barn that could be ruined by the rain, or blown away by the wind, he hurried outside once more. But his concerns were unfounded for the piles were covered with canvas and fastened down. It was then that he realized the significance of the young man's prophetic claim: "I can sleep while the wind blows."