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Language Of Desire

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-05-14)

These are just some of the Language Of Desire Review excuses for blaming someone else for what is really their infidelity, but if you are the non-offender, do look at these and see if you do any of them.The unfaithful spouse frequently works from a perspective of being jealous of his spouse for a variety of reasons, some of them too silly to even mention. Are you one of those who accepts excuses like this? Maybe an honest look at your commitment to your relationship with your spouse is due.Infidelity sometimes stems from judgments that are made about the spouse: you might think that they are not a good wage earner, so you're justified to fool around; she might be a plain Jane, and since you're such a prince, you feel justified to have an affair. He might uphold a higher moral standard than you do, which makes you think it's okay to lie and cheat on him because that'll show him! These are all mistaken justifications and need the light of honesty shined on them.You might be outgrowing the relationship but you stay in it because by now, you are financially involved to the hilt and it would be a financial smack in the jaws to divorce, so why not just have a fling to cut the boredom, add a little spice, and basically (in your mind only) honor the commitment because, after all, "It's only sex, not love." So many people do not buy that line of BS.Every day of the week, men everywhere find out that their wife has betrayed their trust and had one or more affairs. Sadly, for the vast majority of these men, had they applied even a little "preventative maintenance" to their marriage, they would NOT be dealing with all the unpleasant feelings that go along with betrayal.In many infidelity cases, men make a common mistake - a mistake that they could have easily avoided and had they avoided it, they most likely would NOT be dealing with broken-trust and broken-heart issues right now. And, though it's too late for these gentlemen, hopefully it's not too late for YOU.