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by gold stone (2019-05-13)

Use relevant product images. Salehoo Review Research shows that most people find it easy to browse through pictures rather than read through lengthy product descriptions. Product pictures are very helpful for customers and showing pictures from different angles is the ideal way of bringing in more traffic.Of course, all sellers go into the industry of online selling in order to be the next powerseller of the auction powerhouse eBay. If not, then there must be another goal in this industry that will still inevitably put you in the powerseller list. There is no denying it. One telltale sign of online business success is becoming one of the powersellers. Why are the powersellers considered great when it comes to the industry of ecommerce? What sets them apart from other sellers we know? What makes them tick? Do positive monthly sales make a powerseller or is it the other way around, a powerseller makes bigger sales out of the skills from his or her business-minded hands? Can anyone just be the next powerseller or is there anything that we should be doing differently to at least get close to being the next one?What is a powerseller, anyway? A powerseller is a person or a company that belongs to an elite group of eBay sellers. These powersellers have been known to have sold large quantities of products with excellent feedback to boast. However, becoming one of the powersellers is not something that can be achieved overnight. Yes, it is like a club of the best sellers in eBay but one does not qualify with as easy as a sign up. You cannot just wake up one day and then decide to regard yourself as a powerseller. It takes more hardwork than that. First, being one is invitational. But before you receive an invitation from eBay, there are several requirements you have to comply to.One requirement is being able to sell at least one hundred items every month or an equivalent of $1000 for three consecutive months. With these statistics, a seller should also be able to maintain positive feedback from their customers within the said timeframe. If a seller cannot maintain these standings in three months, they still get the chance to qualify if they sell an average number or 12,000 items for a year or an equivalent of $12,000 annual sales.