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Memory Hack Review

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-11)

Craziness is an ignored enemy that is very powerful Memory Hack Review and can easily destroy anyone. What happens when someone becomes crazy? Craziness' symptoms are many, but the general behaviour of a crazy person is characterized by a constant suspicion and fear of everyone. Crazy people acquire a suspicious character. Nevertheless, according to each psychological type, craziness in their behaviour appears in different forms. People who are introverted become somehow extroverted but without understanding what they are doing, and extroverted people start being afraid of everything, while before they were very sociable and gregarious. The crazy person's behaviour is affected by the influence of the wild conscience in their human conscience. The human conscience is the one we know, but we also have a wild conscience that we ignore, which is always trying to invade our human conscience and destroy it. Therefore, craziness is the invasion of the wild primitive content of the wild part of our conscience into our human conscience. Our human conscience respects other people, respects rules, follows examples, studies, thinks, feels, tries to capture the general meaning of everything, believes in goodness and aspires to be happy. However, our wild conscience is completely evil, hates rules and never obeys anyone. It can only destroy because it's cruel, lacking feelings. Therefore, it doesn't respect moral rules. If this content invades the human conscience, it induces the human being into being immoral. It wants to destroy the conscience to take its place, and so it causes the human part to make several moral mistakes that will provoke very serious damage to the person. This is how it starts destroying it. If someone doesn't respect moral rules, one becomes vulnerable to craziness, which has many forms and can be hidden, since our society is absurd. A crazy person is able to work, have friends and live a supposedly normal life, but their behaviour is not controlled by their human side. At some point the difference will start to appear, but nobody can understand that the person starts doing horrible things against others because they are crazy. They think that this is their decision, while they are dominated by their wild and evil conscience, which has no human feelings. The invasion of the wild human conscience into the human part means that the person cannot judge their actions anymore. For them, nothing is bad and nothing is condemnable. Nothing has meaning.