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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by gold stone (2019-05-10)

I would like to give you, both 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review members and non-members, a small exercise to help bring some of your limiting beliefs into your conscious awareness. For awareness is the first step to change. For this exercise we are going to use owning your own business as the example. Of course you may always substitute another area of your life if you wish.If you get thoughts such as, "Well, hopefully someday I will" or "Slowly, but surely"...."When I actually have the time to focus on my business I will" or you get feelings of doubt, anxiousness or maybe fear, more than likely there is a belief somewhere in your unconscious awareness that is holding you back.The key is discovering that belief and every time it pops up, stop and replace the thought with one that is more powerful and act as if that belief is true! When you believe it you will see it!!We can't deny the fact that when we meet people through work or in a social setting, we often only keep in mind the people whom we feel can be professionally or personally beneficial to our own selves. While this may be a productive way to network, we're forgetting one important thing-and that is, in order for us to succeed in life, we must first help others to succeed.This certainly doesn't mean you have to completely forget about yourself in order to be helpful. It doesn't even mean you have to be rich, educated, or popular. It just means you need to be thoughtful and make the time to care about others. Helping others succeed could involve the sharing (or giving) of your materialistic things, experiences, ideas, time, or even advice. Though all this may seem obvious to some of you, what I'm about to share however, may be something new to you!As I mentioned earlier, we often only keep in mind the people we meet whom we feel can be professionally or personally beneficial to our own selves. And though there's nothing wrong with this way of networking, however, if you challenge yourself to think more carefully, you'll discover that you can use networking as a powerful tool to help others succeed-and doing this, will in turn lead to your own success.When I meet people in a business or social setting, I don't just keep the information (or business cards) of people I feel would be beneficial to my business or personal matters. Instead, I also make a point of keeping their information so that when I recognize synergy between some of the people I meet, I could introduce them to one another. It's no different than you meeting someone you feel has much in common with a friend of yours, and with good intentions for the both of them, you introduce them to one another. There! Now those two could end up being best friends. Perhaps they could even start a business providing a service that would help hundreds of people. This is just one of the many ways you would have helped them on their journey to success. Every introduction you make has the potential to become something great. You don't even have to be rich, educated or popular to make a positive difference in the lives of others.