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Brain C-13

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-10)

Using different methods like this to change the way Brain C-13 Review you look at something that stresses you will help you be able to not only enjoy what you are doing, but also find other ways to enjoy it that you may have not thought about. Take action: To reduce OCD, you've got to reduce anxiety and to reduce anxiety, you've got to reduce stress and to reduce stress, you've got to look at things that must be done in a different light. You need to cause a new motivation in your soul to do the things that must be done. For myself with writing articles like I said above, I have started to look at it as people are depending on me for good quality answers to their problems and I can be the difference in their lives and knowing that I am making a difference in the world is more than enough motivation for me to continue! I have a neighbor who feels like he has to do his lawn all the time even though it is already perfect. I think he really has OCD with it because he is out there almost everyday doing it. Now there is not shame in being prideful of a nice lawn and there needs to be more people who actually take care of their lawn but remember that in nature, anything in excess is a bad thing. I think that I don't know enough about this guy to tell whether he does it out of fear and that if his lawn care is a compulsion or not, but I will tell you this. This is an early tell tale sign of OCD. When someone at first does something a lot because they feel responsible, then they take it over the edge and all of a sudden they feel like they have to do it and that is how OCD gets ya. If you have a problem with maintaining your lawn too much, you know who you are. Your fears may be that the neighbors won't think highly of you if your lawn is not immaculate and then your brain creates all kinds of fears and you feel a compulsion to redo the lawn or check it again or do something new to it all the time. There are sometimes thin lines between passions and obsessions. Take action: What you really need to think about is are you doing this out of fear? Do you perform the ritual of doing lawn work because you feel like you have to and not because you enjoy it? Think about it. Do you feel like you have to wash your car all the time? Do you have a fear that if you don't wash your car that people will think less of you. Do you do it to the point where it makes you miserable but you do it anyway? If you do, you have OCD my friend.