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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by gold stone (2019-05-10)

Instead of being the butt of endless 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review jokes, in a more spiritually aware society, the midlife transition should be cause for a much more significant celebration than either marriage or ordination (although perhaps that was the original focus of ordination to elder-hood). This passage into maturity enables you to take a step outside the 'dog-eat-dog' world of wealth and power, and outside the hassles of raising a family, to concentrate more deeply on crafting your legacy. What will you, after all, leave behind? Bank accounts, investments and property evaporate very, very quickly. They're all a part of that 'hole in the water' I spoke about. Here's a great Truth: you don't need enormous wealth or a large family to leave a significant legacy that will affect generations to come. None of them even need to know your name. All that really matters derives from the care and insight with which you interact with those around you.Think for a moment about the significant people in your life: it could be parents or grandparents, teachers, religious leaders, inspirational celebrities, neighbors or friends. How many of them were rich or famous? How many of them were recognized as major corporate successes? I'd be amazed if any of them were any of those things. Yet, you have a uniquely significant gift that all the rest of us are waiting for, whether or not you or we are aware of it. Your midlife transition invites you to explore and experience that creative spark within you that you've been ignoring and putting aside for far too long. Every day you hesitate to grab hold of it means another piece of your precious legacy has been forever lost. You don't need to be just another hole in the water; you can make a difference; you can leave behind a legacy that transforms the world. So, what, exactly is it that you're waiting for?So you've landed on a goal for yourself, something has caught your eye and you've thought "That would be nice to have!" You realize you need to think about how to get this attractive thing, so you develop some kind of a plan to get you there. Why is it that, usually sooner than later, you have wandered off track, your plan has fallen by the wayside and you aren't much closer to your goal than when you started.