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Manifestation Magic

by princy william (2019-05-10)

Jesus continues to tell us Manifestation Magic Review that the only thing we must do is ask, that the Father waits to pour out His blessings if we just communicate and spend time with Him, and learn of Him what He desires us to do. His blessings will not be limited or carefully measured out. The word "pour" suggests abundance and quick action. God waits upon our sincere prayer, believing that He is ready and able to grant our petitions. We must maintain focus that the promise of answer is connected with the doing of His works. This means that anyone who has chosen to spend their best efforts in the Lord's work, seeks His will and glory. We serve Him, not the other way around. Prayer teaches and strengthens us to the Lord's work, and the work teaches and strengthens us to pray. That Jesus wants to do great works through us is clearly stated. That He will give us the Holy Spirit to empower us is also. To ask in His Name is what He asks us to do. His answer to that prayer is: "that I will do." We must learn to live to pray and pray to live, all unto the Father through Jesus, and He promises to give us the power to do His works. Jesus also said that He has overcome the world. These are all gifts - we don't have to work up to some level to be accepted. They are gifts because of the love and mercy of the Father toward us. We only have to believe. We must continue to pray to increase our faith that we may grow and mature in His work, and increase our power in prayer, that our work would increase in doing what He would do were He here. We must pray for forgiveness for our limits of both prayer, and faith, and works. We must practice working and praying in the most Holy and Wonderful and Precious Name of Jesus the Christ, Our Saviour, Our Redeemer, Our Intercessor, Our Helper and Shepherd, Our Head and Example, both now and forever. All to the glory of the Father, in the Name of the Son. This is the ultimate object of all answered prayer. If there is no chance of this being accomplished, then that prayer will not be answered. The aim and result of our prayer must also be to this aim and end. These sentiments are often spoken by Jesus during His earthly ministry. "Father, glorify Thy Son, that thy Son may glorify Thee." Can we imagine any opportunity that God may be glorified that the Son would pass over? No. Therefore when we pray for something that will bring glory to God, then He will supply what is needed. Unfortunately, our prayers are mixed with our own selfish, and therefore, sinful interests and miss the mark of effectual prayer according to God's will and to His Glory. We must be conscious of God's presence at all times so that we may not only do all to the glory of God, but also pray all to the glory of God. As God is the Light of the World, so must we constantly seek to live in that light, and put darkness behind us.