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Spiritual Laws of Money

by princy william (2019-05-08)

Now that you have a list of Spiritual Laws of Money Review actionable goals, you can now prioritize those goals according to which will have the biggest long term impact if it's completed this moment. This is called having a high force multiplier. Figuring out which of your goals have the highest force multipliers is the best way for figuring out which of your goals you should work on first. Once you know which actionable goal will make the greatest positive impact in your life if achieved now, you'll know where to start. Take this goal, and focus on it for 30 days. This is enough time to develop the habit, without feeling like it has to be a permanent or overwhelming life change. If, after those 30 days, the habit is still a bit of a struggle, then evaluate. If it's difficult because it's not really what you want (which you'll be in a good position to evaluate after 30 days of trying it out) then ditch the habit. If it is positive but just still difficult, then make it your goal for another 30 days. Keep doing this until the goal becomes an automatic habit. After it becomes part of your basic operating parameters, you can move on to the next goal on your list. By taking your goals and attempting to make changes in your life one at a time, you'll find it's a lot easier to achieve what you desire. It may not sound as sexy to say that you're only working on one goal, but it'll be a lot sexier in a year when you've accomplished a lot. It's pretty easy to lose focus these days. There's an unparalleled amount of distractions out there that's growing every day. The internet alone provides enough content to distract yourself for your entire life, and that's just one source. Think about all the channels on TV, all the DVDs on Netflix, and all the other things you can do to keep yourself permanently off course. Tag onto that all the busy work out there that doesn't actually contribute to anything towards the important things in life and it's a surprise that anyone ever gets anything done. The difference between high achievers who reach their goals and the rest of the population who lives in a fog is a difference of Focus. High achievers are able to cut through the mass of irrelevance out there and zero in on what they want. While focus does take some time to sharpen and renew, only about 30 solid minutes a week are required. Now, being able to focus on your goals assumes that you already know what your goals are. Having clear goals is the start to any success, and there's nothing to gain without them.