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Spiritual Laws of Money

by princy william (2019-05-08)

It sets us free from the Spiritual Laws of Money Review world of endless and nonstop impulsive and reactive behaviors. It frees us from the tyranny of our own mind in which we experience the conceptual reality that our mind creates and then tells us that it is the real world, and the person it tells us is the real us, the 'I' that constantly reacts to that conceptual reality which is built on lies and false assumptions. Organization And Thinking Skills You don't have to ask successful people if critical thinking and organized thinking skills are prerequisites for success, it's just too obvious. But talking about these skills and developing them are two entirely different issues. Both are highly compatible and symbiotic, but of the two, critical thinking is the more difficult to acquire and is usually a lifelong endeavor, while organized thinking skills are much less difficult. The development of these skills requires strong will, intention and self discipline. Of these, I believe that intention is the first necessary element, then self discipline. Our intention is intimately associated with our desire, we must genuinely want to achieve our goal or we can be sure that we are just playing a game of self deception and denial. The self discipline part can be a real bear, depending on whether we have been raises by values that include this as a valuable asset. It is more than just valuable, self discipline is critical to all successful achievement! The Brain And Its Abstract Capabilities In our hectic high octane lives, few of us ever consider the actual power of the abstract mind. While it is the engine behind our unlimited creative power, it is also the engine behind our minds ability to create the conceptual reality that we come to believe is the real world that we spend our lives in. All powers have two edges, and this is why self discipline is such a critical element in managing the resource we call the mind, because that self discipline allows us to manage and direct the power of our mind. The unmonitored, unmanaged and undisciplined mind can and will produce unpredictable results. Even with our socially indoctrinated internal programming that allows us to put our lives on auto pilot and become obedient drones, we can never be sure when our mind will go off the rails when the environment presents us with an unanticipated and unexpected event, and certainly if life deals us a severe curve ball we may not be able to cope at all, because 'we' are usually not even present in the here and now, but rather lost somewhere in that convenient and comfortable conceptual reality that is constantly offered up for our enjoyment by our abstract mind.