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Easy Cellar

by Ssregina Regina (2019-05-08)

Besides the availability of food and shelter, it's also Easy Cellar Review important to be able to contact other people especially in unaffected areas. So make sure that your survival kit also includes a portable radio, batteries, one or two cell phones with prepaid cards and a walkie-talkie in case the phone networks can't be reached.Although one can't anticipate an emergency, it's advisable to keep tab on the latest updates through the news and the media and be prepared with a survival kit at the earliest.The key to suburban survival is to be prepared and to have the right supplies, tools, and equipment. So that when disaster strikes, you and your family would have a better chance of making it throughDisaster will never make its presence known by knocking at your door before invading your peaceful abode and striking you down. Instead it will catch you off guard and in no time render your life to pieces.Family disaster plans are unique to each family. They are determined by the city you live in, your home's location in relation to the city, and your families physical location when disaster strikes. This means that you need to prepare for disaster at home, school, the office, the car, or wherever you might be. It also means that a plan that is good in San Francisco won't be very useful in San Antonio. Here are some steps to take that will help you prepare a disaster plan for your family. Investigate Your Communities Disaster RequirementsCall your local chapter of the American Red Cross to find out what disasters, both natural and man-made might happen in your area.Call local agencies and find out how your community alerts its citizens during a disaster. There might be a special siren, a TV broadcast, an emergency radio broadcast, or they may even go door to door.You also need to inquire about disaster plans at your work, school, daycare etc. If no plans exist consider volunteering to help form one.Don't forget your pets in your plan. If you have to evacuate into a shelter you might not get to take your furry companions with you.Talk with your neighbors to discover how you can work together. Also inquire about the special needs of your elderly and disabled neighbors.