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Ketogenic Accelerator

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-04)

Every minus, everything that's negative, on one Ketogenic Accelerator Review level it's a negative. Everything that's wrong, everything's that seems deficient, everything you resist, yes there is a minus there but it's really just a beginning of a plus and as you add a stroke of vertical awareness big picture understanding you turn your deficits to assets, you turn your scars into stars. 80% of the people said that things that start out to be the worst thing turns out to be the best "Past is past; it's time to move on" as they always say. You may had been the fattest kid in high school and your schoolmates always made fun of you; NEVER let this past experience pull you down but instead see it as a motivation to show them (and yourself) that you CAN have a lean body you deserve. So, instead of saying "I've always been this way am this way and I'll be this way forever", tell your self "I may have always been like this but I am going to make the change of my life." Go easy on yourself because you are a work in progress. You have to know that losing weight healthy is a gradual process; from a bowl of pasta to half a bowl to a quarter bowl until you are satisfied in eating a healthy thermic meals (equal portion of lean protein, starchy carbohydrate, and fibrous carbohydrate). So, if you cheated and ate a piece of that blueberry cheesecake, forgive yourself, don't hang on to it and bang yourself to it, look pass it and just don't do it again. Your parents as well as all the people on top of your family tree are obese; does this give you an excuse for being obese? DEFINITELY NO! Though genes play a part in your body shape and your susceptibility to gain weight, it is still YOU who makes the decisions on what to eat, when to eat and how much you workout. Don't let the people around you stop you from being healthy. That is only a story you are telling yourself to make yourself feel better but reality is YOU have to make the change. Success breeds Success. To help you get and stay motivated, keep a journal or a scrapbook where you can post your weight loss progress as well as how great you feel about it.