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Pain Absolve RX Review

by dilli jack (2019-05-02)

In time, there may again be improvement and more activity. Usually, the person is overactive to make up for lost time, followed by another flare up. Now, s/he becomes increasingly focused on the pain and fearful of physical activity, instinctively guarding the affected part of the body, and alert to anything that might trigger another episode of pain. When the pain doesn't relent, a stage of constant anxiety sets in. This state of hyper-vigilance contracts not only the mind, but also the body, which increases the pain. In some cases, just thinking about and describing the pain increase muscle tension. Restorative sleep, the body's PH, blood flow, hormones and brain chemicals are negatively affected, compromising the body's ability to regulate homeostasis and pain. Eventually, the person's mind, body and entire life contract, making relaxation and healing nearly impossible. This is why early intervention to reduce pain and anxiety is vital in order to interrupt the cycle and to avoid long term chronicity and debilitation.