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Becoming Limitless

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-02)

The key to success is to figure out how to sustain Becoming Limitless Review that drive. At 2Hats we have done a lot of research on goal setting and what separates success from failure. The 3 keys to sticking with your resolutions are: Keep it Positive: Research has shown that it is much easier to start a new habit than to stop an old one. In fact most resolutions fail precisely because they are based on negative framing i.e. "I will stop eating junk"or "I will stop smoking". This type of thinking is actually counter-intuitive because you end up focusing on the bad habit you are trying to break and eventually your will breaks down. A better approach is to start with the bad habit you are trying to break and then think of an action that will nullify that habit. For example, changing the previous resolutions to "I will eat more vegetables" or "I will wear a nicotine patch" will result in a higher chance of success. Create a Specific Routine: Human beings are creatures of habit. Think about the things you do without thinking such as brushing your teeth when you wake up - these things require minimum effort because we repeat the same process every day at the same time. Studies show that it takes just a few days of repetitive action for a new habit to begin forming. In fact, simply scheduling the time and place for an action triples the chances of that action actually taking place. To turn your resolution into a habit, break it down into an activity that can be performed routinely and determine exactly when you will perform the activity, preferably on a daily basis at first until it is hardwired in your system. As an example, if your resolution is to lose weight, you could develop a routine such as "I will exercise at 6am every morning for the next 7 days and thereafter exercise on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays every week". Develop a Support System: Finally, human beings thrive when they feel supported. It is a statistical fact that sports teams do better in home games than away games due to the fact that there are more fans to cheer them on at home games. There is no dispute as to how helpful support groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous are in helping people shed their destructive habits.