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Backyard Revolution

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2019-05-02)

Biofuels are by definition Backyard Revolution Review any fuel that, by being burned, can be converted to energy, and that is produced from a biological source. Since a biological source is also a renewable one, biofuels are reproducible. Unlike fossil fuels of which there is a fixed amount on earth, biofuels can continue to be produced so long as a source of biomass is available. The types of raw material that be converted into biofuel include organic plants, animals (especially animal fat), and even animal and human waste material.One type of fuel already being produced from biological sources is biodiesel. This fuel, which burns cleaner than its petroleum-based cousin, can be used by most diesel engines without any need for conversion. Many companies are already involved in the production and distribution of a form of biodiesel known as B20. B20 is a mixture of petroleum-based diesel and biofuel "diesel equivalent."Biofuel is already being made from corn and soy, for example. But using corn and soy has correspondingly driven up the demand for both foods, which while being ideal for biofuel production, are also consumed as food by people around the globe. Using these foods for biofuel has pushed up their cost considerably, which in turn has created food shortages in some areas of the world. This has produced an unexpected quandary for biofuel proponents.