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by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-05-02)

We are constantly bombarded with options, most Hypnosis Live Review of which we handle with hardly noticing them, but they are still choices. Here is an interesting way to look at it. When driving through town, every single intersection is a choice. Chances are you drive past most of them with no need to turn, yet every single one can be thought of as a choice. It's also a safe bet that you take the same route to get home. However, there may be better choices. Why do you go that way? Is it really quicker or easier? Or are you just convinced it is? Try a few new routes, being conscious of every intersection. Ask yourself at each one if there is a better way to go. The daily commute is just an illustration that can be applied to endless situations. There may be thousands of these "intersections" in any given day. To be a success you have to be aware of them and get the most from all of them. Don't be fooled into thinking that you don't have a choice. There are always options, but it can be difficult to identify them. Notice I used the plural forms, 'options' and 'them'. This is because we have been programmed to think in dichotomies. Good/evil, bad/good, day/night, and so on. This deludes us into thinking that there are only two choices for most of what we do. Let's look at the workplace. If you don't like your job, a trusted colleague may suggest you continue working there, or quit. But, you know you can't quit right now, so you fool yourself into thinking the only option is to continue working in a thankless job. There are more choices in this situation. You could cut back your hours, build a pat-time at home income, get a second job, take a leave of absence, ask for a transfer, go to night school to learn another profession, and the list goes on.