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The Longevity Blueprint

by dilli jack (2019-05-02)

In our USA society, we tend to measure victory as the attainment of position, prestige, and having lots of material possessions as being victorious. Yet, we Americans are only one group of people occupying space on planet earth, and most of the world does not define victory in this manner. Rather, as my friends in the Philippines and other countries in Asia remind me daily, victory can mean peace of mind, contentment, health, joy, contentment, and great personal relationships with family and friends.However one defines victory in life, our chance of attaining it is not based on where we are in life at this moment in time. It is based on how we deal with the cards that are dealt us throughout our lifetime.I look at life somewhat like a game of cards. At birth, each of us is dealt a basic "hand" with which to start. Some of us have certain innate talents and skills passed to us by the gene mix of our parents, which means certain of us will be taller, shorter, physically stronger, more attractive, and stronger than others. Then as education, a supportive and positive association and environment is added to the mix (or the lack thereof), our life begins to take shape. Our self image and self esteem begins to form, and is pretty well set in place by age 7 or 8 - be it good or bad.