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by dilli jack (2019-05-02)

But do you have to loose all hope just because the nation is facing an economic depression? This is the question I keep asking some of my client's and colleague. Apparently, many investors who have invested so much of their hard earned money especially in the equity business will have a bitter story to tell. Never the less, you should not let the fear of taking another chances steal away your dream from you. Remember winners don't quit and quitters don't win. Also, when the road gets tough, it's only the tough that gets it going.Philosophy of life made us to understand that, the road to success is not always rosy and for someone to be successful in life He or She must have a risk appetite and also have the courage to take a bold steps at all time.In expense of becoming successful in life, many have invested all their hard earned money but have their fingers burnt due to the recent global financial crisis and this has brought a great fear into the minds of many investors and they have decided to keep their finger crossed.