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Speak and Inspire

by Alisa lisa Sophia (2019-04-30)

Once you challenge these beliefs and rid yourself Speak and Inspire Review of them, you will discover that your options will increase. You will encounter new choices that will carry forward toward the goals you have set to achieve your dreams. Once you begin to challenge your self-limiting beliefs, you will find that you will recognize them when you begin to think them, and will be able to change them fairly easily. What do people really want? Most people will guess money, power, fame, and/or love. Good common sense, but that's not what the studies say. What people really want is to feel like they matter. When you think about it, wanting to feel important is what's behind the craving for power, money, fame and love. Most of us are reluctant to admit we want to feel important. Not only that, we don't realize the kind of importance that would really satisfy us. We get closer to grasping it when we hear of famous rich people who are depressed, addicted or suicidal and explain it by saying that they had no real relationships or nothing deep to live for. Feeling important only works under the right conditions. We need to be recognized, yes, but if we're recognized for a role we play or a front we present to the world, it will feel somewhat empty. We need to be "Seen" with a capital S, meaning we need to feel that people like the real us otherwise it's not really us who's being recognized, but a character we've created. Going back to the original question of what people really want, the most primal need of all is survival and since humans are such social beings, nothing makes us feel as safe as feeling accepted, liked, and recognized as valuable. There's another condition to feeling the right kind of "importance": we need to believe that we have made a contribution to something that we care about. Otherwise any external recognition that we get will feel like a fraud.