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Zen12 Review5

by dilli jack (2019-04-27)

I am writing this article from beautiful St. Maarten. I am looking out from my friend's patio that overlooks the Caribbean Sea. Beautiful mountains, clear blue seas and warm breezes are making my creative energy flow as I write my second book. When I flew into the island, there were these incredible private jets, some as large as commercial airliners, parked at the airport. Out in the Caribbean Sea, I can see giant yachts go by our patio. Some of them with their own helicopters sitting on top! It reminds me, and it should remind you, that there is abundance everywhere in the world and you deserve some of it! I bet most of those people with the yachts, the private planes and the mansions here St. Maarten started with very little and they created the life of their dreams. The house I am staying in is owned by a friend who started his own software company with very little money. He worked hard, struggled and reinvested in his company every chance he got. He was able to grow that company and sell it for an incredible amount of money. Did he stop there? No. He started launching other companies, an investment fund, and is about to get back in the game as a CEO of a new start-up. You see, he found his niche. He discovered what he is good at and now works for the thrill of it and uses his talents to help others grow their companies from small beginnings.