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Gluco Type 2

by gold stone (2019-04-22)

The basic concept of Pranayama Gluco Type 2 Review is regulating breathing and thereby blood circulation system. In this process, it is emphasized that more of Oxygen should be inhaled and carbon dioxide expelled off. When you have sufficient Oxygen inhaled, it begins to work well in inducing the blood circulation to improving human metabolism. And the net result goes to the pancreas to function properly for insulin secretion.Unguided Yogic Breathing can sometimes result in undesirable problems. So, if you are convinced to practice yoga breathing exercise, it should be done with proper guidance of experienced practitioners. Yoga method of Pranayama is a self control technique. Others cannot assist you but guide to the right way of breathing practice to purify the body as well as mind. It is painless and costs nothing to spend except to spare sufficient time to inhale unpolluted healthy air. This process does help fight diabetes and maintain a sound body with sound mind.Exercise for both type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes patients has a benefit in preventing complications such as heart attack, stroke, or diminished blood to the legs. However, for insulin dependent diabetes like type 1 diabetes, you need to be careful if you are doing exercise for the first time.The person with type 1 diabetes needs to be careful with the doses of insulin when he or she applying it before the exercise begins. He or she must avoid overdosing insulin, which can lead to hypoglycemia, a very low blood glucose condition, or under dosing, which can lead to hyperglycemia, a very high blood glucose condition. You can prevent hypoglycemia by reducing the dosage of insulin prior to exercise. According to a study, if the insulin is reduced to 80%, the person with diabetes could exercise for 3 hours, while a 50 % reduction will forced the person to stop after 90 minutes of exercise because of hypoglycemia. However, the percentage of reduced insulin is varies for each person. You need to determine by yourself how much to reduce insulin by measuring the blood glucose before, during and after the exercise.Except from depending on insulin, diabetes patient can also prevent hypoglycemia by eating some carbohydrate available during exercise. The kind of carbohydrate that you eat need to be a carbohydrate that easily raises blood glucose.