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Uncompromised Life

by princy william (2019-04-10)

We can lead our life with proper Uncompromised Life Review planning without which it may lead to inevitable failure. 'If you fail to plan; you plan to fail'! We have to have clarity on what to achieve with this life. Planning will help you to achieve your goals in time. If you achieve goals in time, you may be able to set some more goals which will lead to success. We can assess our work load, when we lead our life with proper planning. How much we have achieved till now? How far we have to go to reach our goal? This kind of assessment is possible only with perfect planning which will help us in result oriented execution. Planning is like a calendar in front of us. In the calendar of planning, we can see our goals and successes like in mirror.How to plan? After setting your goals, keep calm for a while. Think of the last phase of your life. Visualise those successes. Planning should be in such a manner, that you should not feel guilty at the end of life. You have to feel satisfied at the end of life, which is real success.When you are planning to move forward towards real success, your planning must be perfect in all aspects. Frame your goals of life and objectives with in a time. You have to enlist your goals and objectives in life which you can achieve within a time period.Classify your goals into four types:Short term: Goals which can be achieved in one week to one month. When you set higher goals, you cannot achieve them at once. The process of success is in the talent of putting the ladder to the right wall. Small results will lead to big successes.Mid term: Goals which can be achieved within one month to one year. If short term goals are like lakes, mid term goals are like rivers. All lakes will become rivers in due course of time. If you wish to start a big factory, buying a land can be your mid term goal. After buying and keeping the land for some time, you can start building the factory there.