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The Lost Book Of Remedies

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-03)

When a flood hits, you may feel that there's The Lost Book Of Remedies Review nothing you can do, but that's not the case. There are still a number of things you can do to minimise damage and disruption to your life and your possessions.If you haven't already done so, move your valuables upstairs (don't forget important documents), and turn off your mains services, such as the gas, water (!) and electricity.If you have heavy furniture items such as chests of drawers, empty their contents and put these in a safe place too. As for the furniture itself, if the flood water gets high enough it may begin to float. Consider weighing it down, or "mooring" it to something substantial or another item of furniture. This will help stop it moving about too much and possibly causing more damage to the property.Flood water can enter your property through drains. You can prevent, or at least slow down the ingress of water in a few ways.Put plugs in all basins (and baths/showers) and weight them down. Put a sandbag in the toilet bowl, or plug it with a large towel and something heavy on top of this. Make sure the inlet pipes on washing machines/dishwashers are shut/off, and disconnect and plug their drain pipes. Don't forget - when the flood recedes, remove these precautions, in order to allow any excess water faster drainage.Another thing to bear in mind is that flood water will be contaminated with raw sewage from the ground or local drains and it may also carry debris with it too. If possible, try not to wade through the water without any protection, to reduce the health risk, and avoid stumbling or hurting yourself on unseen and possibly sharp debris. The water will not be safe to drink, and remember, anything that gets wet may be contaminated with all kinds of nasty bugs.Keep together, or at least in close contact with the other members of your household. This prevents people getting lost and any sudden emergency can be dealt with more easily if more people and resources are available.Keep up to date with local weather and news services. This is best done with a portable radio, as your electricity supply will almost certainly be out, and if it isn't, it's very dangerous to use mains appliances in these conditions. Having said that, if you're sensible, you will have already turned the mains supply off anyway.