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Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol

by Ssregina Regina (2019-04-01)

Cortisol The stress hormone is Healthy Blood Pressure Protocol Review called Cortisol and it registers in our saliva. When we lose our emotional balance and go ballistic, it is stress and in particular, Cortisol. Guess what? Five-seconds of laughter, false or real, and your body and brain begin balancing. In sixty-seconds stress is yesterday's news. No side effects from this medicine. Mental Movies Humans can create mental movies during the day. We call it Daydreaming, creative imagination, or lost-in-thought. A sense of playfulness stimulates our Right Hemisphere, which is your seat of creativity. It allows us to be open to hunches, gut-reactions, and intuition. It is the trigger for new ideas and novel products. Secret of Laughter Ho-Ho-Ho, Ha-Ha-Ha, and He-He-He make us giggle and snort in just 5-10 seconds. It is the sound of the vowels. The sounds of A-E-I-O-U tickle our Primary Auditory Cortex. If you show your teeth and crinkle your eyes into a smile, and give yourself permission to laugh, you are learning the secret code of healthy Yoga laughter. A smile turns into a giggle, and soon you are snorting laughs from your nose non-stop. Laughter becomes contagious when you see how silly you look, or even better, someone else looking goofy. Start by faking your first smile; now give a little giggle (like a child), & intentionally do a slow laugh. Remember, you control your laughter from a single "Ha" to a flood of "Ho-Ho-Ho", by choosing to raise your tempo and volume. Don't be afraid to fake it until you make it - real. It's S-O-O Easy And Fun Get the sound of the "A" in "hat" - "E" in "he". Next is "I" in "hiccup". Now do the "O" in "Otto", and end up with "U" in "soul". Whisper to yourself it is OK to break-up laughing, it is not just OK, but great for your mind-body connection. Healing and repair by your leukocytes, phagocytes and lymphocytes improve with laughter and deep relaxation. How Do We Feel After Laughter "Light-as-a-feather", "ready to apply for the Santa Claus job." And? "I feel totally relaxed, calm, vibrant, new-as-a-baby, joyous, warm, and fresh." Three Laughing Myths