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by gold stone (2019-04-01) Doctors skilled in the area ProBreast Plus Review of reconstructive surgery now use skin grafts and cartilage or bone from other parts of the body to effectively build a natural-looking, correctly-sized ear for both children and adults living with microtia. Doctors usually prefer to wait until a child reaches at least age 6 before performing the surgery, as this is typically when most patient's ears have reached mature growth.If the patient is suffering from atresia brought on by such a deformity, the surgeon will attempt to create an opening to the canal during the reconstruction in order to facilitate proper hearing. This may be left until after the external area has been constructed.Such reconstruction is a complicated surgery that takes careful planning and may require several surgeries before a final result is achieved. You should discuss the anticipated surgical progression with your doctor in order to have a realistic idea of what the end result will be and how long it will take to achieve. If financial factors are an area of concern for your family, seek a surgical practice that offers financing options, or speak with your health insurance company as the surgery may be covered under your policy.Although the rib cartilage method is considered by most surgeons to be the optimal and most natural-looking solution to this condition, there are other options available including prosthetic ones that can be glued or snapped on. Artificial implants also exist, but they come with the risk of infection and bodily rejection of the artificial part. The rib method uses the patient's own skin and rib cartilage for construction, so there is very little risk of infection and of the body rejecting the reconstructed part.Undergoing breast augmentation is both exciting and scary; however, pre-surgery most women feel more anxious and nervous about being prepared than anything. It is important that you're ready for your recovery and returning home after surgery well-in-advanced of the date of the procedure.