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The Longevity Blueprint

by princy william (2019-04-01)

Procrastination is the habit The Longevity Blueprint Review of putting tasks off to a later time. It isn't just rescheduling tasks; it is a pattern of behavior that has at its heart the desire to avoid something. Usually people procrastinate about tasks that are unpleasant to them, or on tasks that require a lot of time. The reasons people procrastinate are varied and usually unconscious. They may not make logical sense. In this, people are driven by their feelings - they want to avoid whatever is waiting for them.People sometimes procrastinate because of a fear of failure. They may be afraid that they can't do the task, or that their efforts won't be good enough. The procrastination becomes an effort to avoid that failure.Procrastination may be fueled by a fear of judgment about our performance. What if the people we want to please don't like it? In order to avoid being judged, we often avoid doing the work or don't turn it in when we have done it.People can also avoid because of a fear of success. Although this may be difficult to understand, the fear is that success will bring with it unwanted results. For instance, you may be afraid that if you work at your full capacity and achieve what you are secretly capable of, you will turn into a workaholic. You might be afraid that you will forget to have fun. You might worry that you'll become someone who is so driven that they are mean. Or, you may worry that if you perform at your full capacity, others will begin to expect this level of performance from you.There may be a fear of losing your autonomy. If maintaining independence is important, the procrastination may be a type of rebellion. "You can't make me do this" becomes the underlying expression of the desire to avoid this type of fear. Procrastination is a way of feeling more in control of a situation in which you believe others have too much authority. Sound familiar? If it isn't a pattern for you, it may be for your teenager. Procrastination becomes a passive-aggressive way of rebelling against authority.