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by barath deva (2019-03-07)

A guideline would be that a pound of fat 0.454 kg storesPhenQ Review 3500 calories of energy. To lose a pound a week on a low-calorie diet someone would have to reduce calorie consumption by approx. 500 calories per day The maths behind this is the 500 calorie reduction is 3500 per week and that is equivalent to 1 lb of ugly fat.The good news is that many foods purchased in the supermarket are well marked with the number of calories which can be used to make some estimates. There is a wide range of calorie use by our body depending on many factors, not the least of these being the activity level and muscle composition.Women require a lower calorie intake than do men, mainly because of their lower muscle proportion. A sedentary lifestyle may only use around 1700 calories/day whereas with higher activity this may increase to 2900/day or even higher in a manual job. Just strolling around will burn about 100 cal/mile for someone weighing 150lb 70kg. In order to get a 500 calorie deficit per day from a low-calorie diet someone would have to walk 5 miles per day if no changes were made to diet.The calorific content of a food item will depend on the proportions of fat, carbohydrates, and protein it contains. If a food item contains a lot of fat it may have twice the calories as a food item that is mainly carbohydrates and/or protein. This is because fat has 9 calories per gram whereas protein and carbohydrate only have 4 calories per gram. The dairy food groups such as milk, cheese, and butter typically have a higher fat content and it is best to shop for a low fat alternative if you are looking for a low-calorie diet.Studies have shown that lean men and fat men often consume a similar number of calories. How-ever the obese men ate a higher proportion of fatty food which is more easily stored as fat than other food groups. In addition the other food groups cause the body to use more energy calories just converting those food groups to fat and may consume up to 25 percent of the calories in the process.