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Better Bladder

by Ssregina Regina (2019-03-05)

Properly aim at the pressure points. Better Bladder Review Acupressure points are sensitive and when a person touches it, the mother will feel pain. If the person applying the pressure is not experienced in doing acupressure, he may locate the pressure points by putting light pressure until the spot is found. There are known pressure points throughout the body where the pressure should be exerted. Natural induce labor will only be effective if the pressure points is properly located. As such, one must study and research the vital pressure points. Among the common points are hoku, spleen 6, bladder 32. Hoku can be located on the top of the hand and between the thumb and the index finger. The spleen 6 is found an inch above the ankle bone. The bladder 32 is found between the spine and the buttock point. The pressure must be properly exerted. In order to have the effect that you want, the proper pressure must be made. Usually, in applying pressure, it must be just enough to relax the pressure points because at the time you touch it, the pregnant woman will be hurt. As such, one must slowly rub the point, and then make a circular motion while you increase the pressure. The acupressure must be exerted for only five minutes or less. It is important that after a pressure is exerted upon a pressure point, the said area should not experience numbness or aggravated pain. The purpose of acupressure is to relieve the stress of the pressure points not to aggravate the pain. Use only the parts of the body in putting pressure. In doing acupressure, it is highly recommended that one should use a part of his body. It may either be the thumb, the hands, or elbows. This will enable one to control the extent of the pressure. One should know the stages of pregnancy. The labor process is never stagnant. It differs every single day. As such, one should understand these stages because there are pressure points that must be pressed and given importance that other acupressure pointsKnow the best time to use maternity acupressure. The suggested period to use maternity acupressure is about 3 or 4 days before medical induction. One should never try natural induce labor prior to the EDD or the estimated delivery date or the due date.