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by Clara robert (2019-03-05)

Lin Zhi ling Was born in Taipei before moving Focus ZX1 Review to Toronto Canada. She is one of Taiwan's most famous model, host and actress. With sweet appearance, height 175 centimeters tall and charming personality, she has become the focus of attention in Taiwan society, the media dubbed her the title of "Taiwan's first model" and "Taiwan No 1 Beauty", and because of her popularity caused major changes in Taiwan's society, scholars in Taiwan observed this cultural trend as "Lin Zhi ling phenomenon."After the completion of basic education in Toronto, Canada, she went to private religious schools and completed her high school education. Lin Chi Ling was then successfully admitted to University of Toronto in Canada to complete the Western art history and economics double degree. This prove to be a valuable achievement for her as the stereotype of a model is all beauty and no brains was avoided. Lin Zhi ling academic success along with her high EQ in handling the media has play a part in her popularity. In interviews, she credit her time in Canada for building her self discipline and focus.Around 2000, she returned to Taiwan with original plan of a Art Gallery job, because of her"non-graduate of Art Institute" the gallery repeatedly refuse. Lin Chi ling switched to teaching in 2001 at Art School in Hanaoka teaching dancing part-time and was spotted by star scouts and this led to the beginning of her modeling career.However in the competitive entertainment industry. she remain a widely unknown model until 2004 when media reports surface of her being romantically linked to popular male artist Jerry Yan. The news of the rumoured relationship lifted the public and media profile of Lin Zhi Ling.Soon after, Lin Chi ling began appearing in more high profile advertisements and became a increasing well known celebrity. Her career hit a new high when she was selected as special guest host for the Golden Horse Award, the equivalent of the Oscars in Asia Entertainment industry. During the show, she embraced with top stars Andy Lau and Tong Leung, this was once again widely publicized in the media across Asia. Her hosting was criticized by some due to her trademark baby voice whereas others felt she had done a good job.