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High Performance Selling

by Daisy Pricilla (2019-03-04)

The impact High Performance Selling Review of this question is dramatic and the implications are far-reaching. You see, most agents have never been asked that by their manager(s). To many agents, it appears that their manager and their company only care about production and aren't interested in whether the agent is happy in their business and their life. Additionally, some agents have never stopped to reflect on the answer to that question. Asking them about whether they're happy with where their business is causes them to focus on the many positives of this business and identifies areas which they want to improve (as opposed to areas where you'd like them to improve). And finally, many, many agents know what they want but are frustrated by their inability to achieve their goals. This is further compounded by the frustration of having no one to talk to about these challenges. My clients have reported incredible experiences when asking this question. Agents have poured their heart out to them and talked for over half an hour. This question has caused some agents to break down and cry. It inspires agents to dream again and imagine what is possible. It has nothing to do with goal-setting or quotas. It has to do with dreams and with self-motivation. It enables a re-connection between agent and manager. And best of all, when the ensuing conversation is handling properly, it sets up a dynamic which leads to higher productivity, lower stress and ultimately greater production for your team. Not necessarily from each agent, but from your team overall.