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Patriot Flex

by jessieka jessie (2019-03-04)

Health condition Patriot Flex Review  cannot be ignored as even the slightest symptoms of pain or stiffness can lead to a serious case of Fibromyalgia. Also termed as Fibrositis this is a syndrome, which means it has a group of signs, symptoms and characteristics that occur together.People exhibiting fibromyalgia symptoms may not realize they have tender points until someone familiar with the condition applies pressure on them. Chronic, widespread pain, fatigue, and heightened pain in response to pressure are some of the probable symptoms of this deadly disorder.Muscle pain, nerve tenderness, functional bowel problem, itching of the skin, chronic sleep disorder and weakness in the limbs are the other common symptoms observed in the patients suffering from fibromyalgia. Its symptoms are unpredictable and most patients are frustrated by their physical limitations and inability to make plans leading to difficulty in multi tasking, cognitive overload, reduced attention span, long-term memory, short-term memory consolidation, nervousness, and depression.