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Anaconda XL

by Clara robert (2019-03-04)

Not exercising the rest of your body.Anaconda XL Review You don't have to work out like a professional athlete, but you need to be getting in some sort of exercise at least 4-5 days per week for several reasons. One, being in shape naturally promotes a healthier sex drive, and you want to have a high drive and erections regularly, because each time you have an erection that helps cement your gains. Also, since the main reason most of us want to increase penis size is to improve performance in the bedroom, we should also take other steps to become more desirable lovers, and being in shape is one of them. Finally, carrying excess fat can actually result in a shorter effective penis size. For some guys as much as a half-inch can be "concealed" for every extra 30 pounds of fat.Eating too little cholesterol and saturated fat. Yes, you read that correctly. This doesn't give you a license to pig out on bacon and double cheeseburgers seven days per week, but the last thing you want to do is cut animal fat out of your diet completely. It helps keep male hormones at a healthy level which once again, supports a strong sex drive and quality erections which are crucial to your gains.Smoking cigarettes. In addition to being just plain nasty, smoking causes a few factors to work against you. It causes your body to deliver less oxygen to your muscles and organs which inhibits growth. It also impairs blood flow which results in erections that are less full and strong, and during penis enlargement, you need strong erections to help promote growth. Finally, smoking decreases your work capacity and that includes the "work" you do in the bedroom!