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iPad's 10th anniversary leaves us asking if Apple's tablet is a computer

by Salvatore Earle (2020-01-30)

See it at NetflixAmazon Prime Video: The "other" major streaming service, which is included as part of a $99 annual Prime Membership or $9 a month. The interface isn't as user-friendly as Netflix, but the service also offers shows not on its rival, including original content like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Amazon Prime also has the ability to add premium channels (HBO and Showtime and more), making it a potential one-stop shop.

— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020 Not that every title match should have false finishes, but it felt like the match ended as the two women were about to work to a crescendo, not quite at the crescendo. Still, crisp action and a well-told story. 

With its best-in-class channel selection and cloud DVR, YouTube TV is our favorite option for cord-cutters who want the perks of cable without the hassle. Like all premium-priced ($50-ish) services, however, its relatively high monthly fee makes it more difficult to save money over a traditional cable subscription.

WWE Bayley retains her SmackDown Women's Championship
A thought for these women, who were in the dead zone having to follow the Royal Rumble. After an OK match, Bayley pinned Lacey Evans after countering a moonsault attempt.

If you're used to 5.1-channel surround offered by cable or even OTA, then you'll probably be disappointed that all of the services only include stereo sound on live broadcasts. AT note that CBS is the parent company of CNET) in most areas of the country. It also has the best cloud DVR of the bunch, including unlimited storage and a generous nine months to watch recordings (most are 30 days). YouTube TV's interface is no-nonsense, if a little drab, and yet it offers most of the features a cable service can give you. And unlike Sling and others, it's dead simple: One package, one price, done.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET Disney Plus: One of the biggest streaming services to launch in some time, Disney has gathered a mix of movies, TV shows and exclusive content, including the Star Wars-universe-set Mandalorian, for $7 a month. Read the Disney Plus review here

WWE The Fiend Bray Wyatt is still Universal Champion
Daniel Bryan is an absolute magician. For the second time, he convinced an arena that he could beat Bray Wyatt and win the Universal Championship. But just like in the Survivor Series, it was not to be. The Fiend retained his title in the strap match after a Mandible Claw slam and pinfall. 

On the other hand, it's solid for the price. Its lineup includes 30 channels, some of which -- like AMC, HGTV, and BBC America -- are no longer available on the more expensive AT or it will merely be a larger-screen version of the current iPod Touch, which has a closed, limited phone-like OS ... The former would mean it could very likely run any software you'd run on a MacBook, from Firefox to Photoshop, and maybe even install Windows 7 via Boot Camp or Parallels. The latter points to a hermetically sealed ecosystem, where apps would have to be approved and sold through an official app store (as in iTunes)."

Elsewhere, Becky Lynch defends her Raw Women's Championship against Asuka. Asuka tapped Lynch out at this very event last year, and Lynch wants her win back. It's one to look forward to. The Universal Championship is also on the line, with Daniel Bryan shooting for the gold in a strap match against Bray Wyatt. Strap match plus Bray Wyatt isn't the most promising calculus, but if anyone can make this good it's Bryan.

While the reference to Flash is dated, the general argument is very similar to the one we're still having today. In the intervening years, the iPad has added all sorts of keyboard docks, a more powerful Pro version, stylus support, and yes, finally a beta version of Photoshop (which is still not quite fully baked). 

Start times
Royal Rumble 2020 takes place in Houston, Texas, on Sunday, Jan. 26. The main card starts at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET. If you're a WWE Network subscriber -- at $9.99 per month, but free for one month for new subscribers -- you can watch it live for free. Otherwise you'll need to contact your local cable provider and pay a separate fee to watch. The two-hour Kickoff Show starts at 2 p.m. PT/5 p.m. ET on WWE's YouTube channel and the WWE Network.

"No," was the emphatic response from my colleague Lori Grunin, when I asked if, in 2020, an iPad could be considered a computer. Why? Because its walled garden software ecosystem prevents you from running nonapproved software. What about a Chromebook then, I asked, is that a computer if it can't install and run software? "If you consider just websurfing a computing task, then yes, it's a computer. But if you don't, [a Chromebook is] just a tablet in a laptop design."

Viewers in the UK will have to stay up late, as the show starts there at midnight Monday GMT (10 p.m. Sunday kickoff). For Australians, Survivor Series starts at 11 a.m. AEDT time (9 a.m. kickoff) on Monday.

WWE Predictions
Roman Reigns will win the Rumble: Reigns is a safe bet to win almost any high-profile match he's in (curious loss to Erick Rowan notwithstanding), but that's not why I'm predicting this. The spotlight is on Brock Lesnar, but he's unlikely to win. I foresee him eliminating probably a dozen or so wrestlers, and mauling a dozen more, before being eliminated. It'll be a huge boost for whoever that person is -- and that person will end up challenging for Lesnar's WWE Championship at WrestleMania. That takes care of the Raw world championship for 'Mania. That leaves SmackDown's Universal Championship, which Reigns, after winning the Rumble, will challenge for.

"By some standards, the iPad is essentially a keyboardless laptop, but by others, it's more akin to a portable media player, such as the iPod Touch ... But, even though the device as described by Apple initially feels more like a portable media player and less like a computer, is it fair to kick it out of the computer category entirely? 

With all that in mind, here's a guide to the brave new world of live TV streaming over the internet, as well as other cord-cutting options available today, starting with our favorite recommendations for the best TV streaming service.  

Another biggie is sports. Sure, most services carry ESPN and local channels for NFL football, but if you follow a professional baseball or basketball team, chances are you'll need their specific channel -- called an RSN, or regional sports network -- to watch regular season games. RSN coverage varies widely for each service.

— WWE (@WWE) January 27, 2020 Lesnar's run would end with McIntyre and Ricochet. As McIntyre entered the ring, he and Lesnar began squaring up. Lesnar began unstrapping his gloves, so you knew something big was about to happen. Alas, Ricochet hit a low blow to Lesnar from the behind and McIntyre eliminated The Beast with a Claymore Kick. The crowd went insane.Sarah Tew/CNET Back in 2010, my colleague Scott Stein took a broader view, explaining that the look and feel of app-driven operating systems are actually much more useful on small-screen systems. Ten years ago that applied to low-end laptops called Netbooks. Today, you could say the same about small-screen Chromebooks, hybrids, Windows 10 Arm devices or even the first wave of folding PCs. 

A surprise entrant will win the Women's Royal Rumble: Lynch is the centerpiece of the women's division, so she needs a big WrestleMania match. She'll almost certainly beat Asuka to retain her gold, so Asuka's out as an opponent. Charlotte Flair is always a possibility, but Flair and Lynch have wrestled a million times already -- so that rematch is best left for next year's show. WWE needs to make an opponent for The Man, and the best way to do that is for her to win the Rumble. My head says Shayna Baszler, since Baszler beat Lynch and Bayley in a triple-threat match at Survivor Series, but my heart says Ronda Rousey. 

Watch at WWEWho can toss Brock Lesnar over the top ropes? That's the story of this year's Royal Rumble. Lesnar, the current WWE Champion, will be entering the men's Royal Rumble at No. 1. (The Royal Rumble is a 30-person battle royale, where two wrestlers start and a new one is added every 90 seconds. You're eliminated by being thrown over the top rope.) That's strange, because Lesnar is a world champion and the whole point of entering the Rumble is to earn a shot at a world championship. Perhaps he wants to win in order to get WrestleMania off? Or maybe he wants to challenge for SmackDown's Universal Championship and become a dual champion? 

FuboTV is a sports-centric service that also offers several other channels including local OTA stations (except ABC) -- and more RSNs (regional sports networks) than any other service. Especially for fans of professional baseball, basketball and hockey teams, FuboTV offers what might be the only way to watch regular-season games without cable. There's no ESPN, however, and a convoluted user interface and relatively high price mean it's not the first service we'd choose.

Now playing: Watch this: Is the Apple iPad a Netbook-killer? 2:39 As soon as the first wave of iPad details were announced, we immediately returned to the question of whether this new device would be considered a computer. The same day as the initial January 27, 2010 iPad announcement, I wrote: 

See it at Best BuyThe aptly named Morph is something of a Transformer of lamps thanks to its ability to contort into one of four different lighting options. When it's facing down, it's a standard task lamp, the kind you use for reading, writing and studying. But when you swing the arm over and dock the head into its perforated aluminum-polycarbonate composite stem, you get this cool candlelight effect that turns the Morph into a mood light you can chill out to.

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) January 27, 2020 Merciless in victory.#TheFiend @WWEBrayWyatt is STILL your #UniversalChampion after an extremely punishing #StrapMatch at #RoyalRumble.

Brock Lesnar started the match at No. 1 and decimated. It was awesome. Elias, Erick Rowan, John Morrison, Keith Lee, Shelton Benjamin, Braun Strowman. All were tossed out by Lesnar, who ended up with 13 eliminations.

WWE The Royal Rumble isn't WWE's biggest show of the year, but it may be the most fun. On Sunday's show there'll be two Rumble matches, one for the men and one for the women, with title shots at WrestleMania on the line. Unlike some past years, there are no obvious winners -- which makes for a more exciting Rumble.

Hands-on: Is the Apple iPad a Netbook killer?
"Of course the iPad is a computer," says Scott today, looking back at a decade of evolving iPad hardware. "Is it the computer that replaces all my other computers? No, not yet... but it keeps getting closer, year by year. I keep waiting for it to close the gap. I think it will. But it might take longer than I expected. It's already been 10 years, waiting for it to be everything. But it does some things far better than my laptop, and it's closer to my dream computer of the future than any current MacBook is."

While AT eight each in Hong Kong and Thailand; six in Macau; five each in Australia, Taiwan and the US; four each in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and South Korea; three in France; two in Vietnam; and one in Cambodia, Canada and Nepal.

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Built to double your phone's screen size and fold into a more portable package, foldable phones are poised to redefine How to Hide Pimples Without Makeup we use our devices. But high prices -- at least twice the cost of their traditional counterparts -- and designs that leave their displays and hinges vulnerable to damage place them on shaky ground.

But one rumor suggests that the Galaxy Z Flip we expect to see Feb. 11 at Samsung's Unpacked event will be the first to use an ultrathin bendable glass screen. One company also thinks that diamond glass will bring greater strength and flexibility to foldable phones. 

Coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has so far killed 41 people and infected almost 1,000. Cases have been confirmed in the US and Europe, with the illness exhibiting pneumonia-like symptoms. It was first reported to the World Health Organization on Dec. 31, with Chinese scientists linking the disease to a family of viruses known as coronaviruses that include the deadly SARS and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).