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Backyard Revolution Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-06-04)

Become energy aware - You can Backyard Revolution substantially reduce your energy bills without changing suppliers or your bulbs, but by becoming more aware of any unused electrical items around the home that are still connected to the mains. Unplug or switch off at the wall any appliances that are on standby. Close your curtains at night to retain heat and reduce heat loss. Turn off your heating when not at home, especially if out at work. Set the timer for your arrival home for that warm welcome. If you are going away on holiday during the winter months it's advisable to keep your heating on, lower the thermostat and this will protect your system from freezing. Restrict water - Changing simple habits like taking a shower instead of a bath could reduce your water consumption by a massive 30% over a year. Also, make sure that all your taps are working correctly and toilet flushes too. A leaky tap or toilet flush can produce enough water in 1 day to fill a bath. So make sure you have no leaks, not only are you wasting water but it's costing you a fortune at the same time. Buy energy efficient appliances - Household appliances cost a lot to run, especially the older models and they can account for a massive 47% of your electricity bill. When buying electrical items look for the brands that display the energy efficient triple 'A' rating, advisable when buying larger items like washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and freezers. Manufacturers also advise that appliances are kept a distance of at least 1 inch away from walls; this allows air flow, which in turn allows them to work more efficiently.