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Erase My Back Pain Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-06-03)

A similar exercise can be done using both hands Erase My Back Pain applying pressure to the back of the head, moving it forwards towards the chest. Again, find a position of gentle stretching, close your eyes and use breathing to complete the stretch. As before, focus not so much on achieving a maximum stretch, but more on it feeling good.To finish, (no hands this time) tilt your head to the rear.Rather than trying to stretch it backwards and risking injury (I find this to be the weakest position for the neck) focus on lifting your jaw high into the air. A little arching the spine is okay. You should feel like you are stretching the skin on your throat tight.Another incentive to regularly stretch the neck - a flexible neck allows increased blood flow to the head, and superior cerebral-spinal fluid flow. That equates to a healthier brain (the brain extends to the base of the spine) and thus clearer thinking, more productiveness, more creativeness and better quality decision making.Let's face it, your melon is heavy. Living a typical modern life can atrophy you neck muscles, and suddenly they're called on to take the weight of the head at an unexpected angle or through an unexpected force like a fall or a vehicle collision. More injury, more pain.In my case, I have one neck muscle which I've injured so many times that it is weakened. The only solution that makes sense is to add muscle. Think of it as armoring a vulnerable body part.Here's a quick and simple daily routine which has worked well for me:Place both palms on your forehead and tilt you head to the rear. Applying counter-pressure with the hands, push your head forward until your chin approaches your chest. The whole movement should take approximately to the count of four. Repeat four times.