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Mind System Secrets Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-06-03)

The level of control exerted by these Mind System Secrets subconscious values is determined be several things. To change the influence of past subliminal programming, simply change current subliminal programming. Change your circumstances. If your current circumstances tend more often than not to reinforce past failure programming, in order to improve, you must seek out circumstances that encourage new, success-oriented values. Change your circle of friends. If the friends you keep constantly reinforce your old failure programming, then seek out new friends that will encourage you and challenge you toward new values. "One grows strong in the shadow of giants," goes the adage. You will tend to become like those with whom you associate. This is the standard by which to choose your friends. Decide that, in the future, there is no "justification" for failure. There are only lessons learned and steps of progress toward the objective. Another way to short-circuit subliminal failure values and replace them with success values is to use the power of suggestion. Every one is suggestible to one degree or another. People are most suggestible to reinforce of the most prevalent current values, whatever they are. The more difficult course of action is to choose to be suggestible to new, more positive, more constructive suggestions.