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The Underground Fat Loss Manual Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-06-01)

Men and women ate more than we do The Underground Fat Loss Manual today in order to sustain themselves for long and physically exhausting days. They typically ate eight to ten portions of fruit and vegetables daily, in a diet that contained far higher levels of vitamins and minerals than occur in today's nutrient-depleted, refined and processed foods. They also consumed less salt, sugar, alcohol and tobacco. Salt was used only as a flavouring, not as a preservative - preserved meats such as corned beef didn't become available until the late 1880's. Not surprisingly, figures show that in the mid-Victorian period, cancers and heart disease were under 10 per cent of the levels we are experiencing today. A poor man's breakfast would have been two chunks of stoneground bread smeared with dripping, accompanied by a large bunch of watercress - rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Bread was always stone-ground, and made daily with large amounts of yeast, and the beer they drank was unfiltered which also contained a lot of yeast which was the secret to their strong immune systems. (Modern yeast-based foods such as processed, mass-produced breads do not contain these beta glucans; they are removed in the refining processes.)