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The Lost Ways Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-29)

If your home is always in the path of The Lost Ways one of those spiraling headaches or you're tired of picking up shingles out of the yard, check to see if you have Hurricane rated shingles. Your shingles are the first line of defense of a hurricane and when they go it doesn't take long for the rest to follow. This type of investment of course would be a good one at that. Not only would it help with the structural integrity of your home but is also known to lower your homeowners insurance after switching your roof top. A little research for material preference will let you know different options and prices that are available.If you have the option of building your home, look into hip roofs. This provides a less wind resistant surface and allows the wind to pass by with less strain on the structure. If the hip roof doesn't appeal to you, you can check in which direction the wind normally blows in your area and position the pitch of your roof to raise the wind like a wedge. This is a much better move than letting the gable of your home catch all the wind. Wind forces against your gables are most likely to cause your roof to fold over like dominoes set up in a pattern and then ultimately blow away.A lot of things can be done to help protect your roof from hurricane damage. Most people hardly think about the structural advantages and disadvantages of their roof in a hurricane. These are only a few options to help you get started, but to better understand what you may need, contact your local professional and get their opinion. Whether you need only a few things covered or you're starting from scratch, it's always worth knowing.The first thing that came to mind was gasoline. I had that available so it satisfied three of my four interests, but gasoline can be dangerous because it's not merely flammable - it's explosive by nature. So, I would have to be mindful of the amount used, dispersion of the fuel, flammable vapors and proximity of fuel source to fire. Mind you that this is only one way to start a fire without matches. There are other ways that are much safer than using gasoline.