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The Back Pain Breakthrough Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-29)

Additional risk factors that can The Back Pain Breakthrough be modified include smoking and poor nutrition. If a patient has poor nutritional habits they re not going to be be getting enough vitamins or calcium to ensure superior bone health. Smoking can decrease the blood supply to the bone and cause them to become brittle. The absolute worst combination is a patient who is thin female older and white. This combination predisposes to osteoporosis tremendously. Excessive alcohol intake is another risk factor for the problem. Alcohol directly interferes with the bodys ability to produce bone. So along with the other problems that alcoholics develop osteoporosis can easily be one of them. Additional risk factors for developing osteoporosis include various medications. These are modifiable but at times a patient has to take them because nothing else better is available for their disease. For instance glucocorticoids like cortisone are often times necessary for a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. Many patients experiencing chronic pain on different parts of their body have on clear goal to find relief for their pain fast. However most of them are not aware of the long term benefits of seeking chiropractic care for their condition and the promise of better health beyond relief for their pain.