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Vertical Jump Training Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-24)

Consider Using Multiple Contract Trainers Instead Of Vertical Jump Training Transporting In-House Talent If Your Audience Is Located In Multiple Geographies: Using several contract trainers that are local to each audience will prove to be more cost effective then "exporting" in-house talent to the audience or bringing the audience to a central training delivery hub for multi-geographic distance learning requirements.Consider Using A Blended Learning Delivery Method If The Subject Matter To Be Delivered Is Repeatable: Even though the development of online learning material is more costly than other training delivery methods, it could prove to be a wise investment if the subject matter is going to be delivered repeatedly. Hosting an instructor led online learning event will eliminate all travel expenses associated with either transporting the trainer or the participants to the training center and could be more cost effective when the audience is either national or international.Consider Breeding Subject Matter Experts From Within By Engaging In An Knowledge Transfer With An External Expert: When your company has to deliver a subject matter to a large majority of its workforce, it is often more cost effective to develop departmental subject matter expertise so these individuals can in turn, deliver training down to the ranks. By engaging external trainers by way of a TTT (train the trainer) sessions, non-trainers can be taught how to be trainers on a particular subject matter and scale out training to their respective departments while still carrying out their core responsibilities.