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Memory Hack

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-15)

Stop the inclination to judge Memory Hack events and circumstances as "Good" or "Bad," "Right" or "Wrong." Things just are. Life is. Quite often, though we can't see it in the moment, "Bad" things have to happen in order for "Good" things to show up. Remember, you heard it here first! Take away the "to me" or "to us" part of the sentence. Example: Look what Wall Street is doing "to us." Don't be a victim. This type of language causes you to become a victim of circumstance and an active participant. Instead, language it this way: Look what Wall Street is doing. That's it, that's all, end of story. Don't add your own commentary and don't personalize. For every minute of the news you allow yourself to observe, pay a positive consequence. Read a self-help or spiritual book for an equal amount of minutes. Or, Meditate, exercise or journal for an equal amount of time. Find ways to balance the positive with the negative. Most of the world is in an unhealthy place right now but you don't have to be. Stop participating! Stop swallowing the crap. Detach. Feed yourself mental and spiritual food daily. Think outside the box because what's in the box stinks! Furthermore, you may be surprised at what you find once you are outside the box that everyone else is in. Dissociative identity disorder or DID is a psychiatric condition where an individual shows multiple distinct identities coupled with its own specific pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. The International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems call this type of condition as multiple personality disorder. Dissociative identity disorder is less frequent in comparison to other dissociative disorders and is known to affect about 1% of human population. It is often comorbid when compared with other dissociative disorders.