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Appcoiner Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-11)

The site can also help you Appcoiner identify other keywords related to your chosen set. This tool provides a way for you to measure that viability of ranking for a specific keyword and allows you to focus your effort on only the best phrases. Pay Attention to Online Commercial Intent You might be able to get your site ranking for a phrase like "How to Fix the Clutch in Your 1996 Honda Civic," but what do you think are the chances that that searcher is interested in spending money? As a matter of fact, he is searching for material that will help him avoid spending his money. It's not a good keyword if your goal is to sell something. Online Commercial Intent is a concept developed by Microsoft a few years back. There was once a tool designed to help measure the OCI of a search phrase, but it has been discontinued. The good news is that your human brain is far more capable of measuring OCI than an automated algorithm. When you are reviewing a list of potential keywords be sure to consider whether or not it indicates a need to buy. Search terms arising from an urgent need are more likely to result in a sale than any other. Imagine someone searching for a phrase like, "how can I pass my drug test tomorrow?" This person has an urgent need and is eager to buy a product that helps him solve the problem. Phrases like "homes for sale in Los Angeles California" indicate commercial intent, but it may be months until any action is taken. The trick, here, is understanding that others are using this same measurement to find their key words. You really have to think outside the box when you're doing this research. Dig deep and find long tail keywords that indicate online commercial intent. Pass these through a tool like and assess the competition. If you find a phrase that indicates a need to buy and there is little competition you have a winner. Bear in mind that you don't need high search volume to make a decent profit. A collection of ten articles bringing in 300 visitors each is as good as a single one that brings in 3,000 visitors. It will be easier, by far, to rank all 10 low volume search phrases than the single high volume phrase.