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Happy Keto Body Program Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-05-09)

A year later, the participants Happy Keto Body Program analyze the levels in the blood of nine hormones that influence appetite; six of them remained tilted in a direction which stimulated hunger. Moreover, those who did the diet reported a year after the program were more hungry after eating before you feel the same. The fact that our body is fighting against our own desire to lose weight should be according to scientists, a vestige of evolution antediluvian, when weight loss could threaten the survival and reproduction. Scientists also found that those who lose significant weight, not only gain more appetite, but also burn fewer calories than normal, which is a breeding ground for the recovery thereof. Author of the study, explains that "some patients are susceptible to gain the weight they have lost and resistant patients enjoy the benefits of a diet and it seem that the response to treatment is predetermined characteristics of each patient." He also states that "those obese or overweight patients who gain more weight after a diet program may be identified even before starting therapy with weight loss only to analyze the plasma levels of these hormones." Find out your metabolic type is key to lose weight. There are basically 3 different metabolic rates, protein type, carbohydrate type and mixed type, which is why food and exercise affect us differently, you have to discover your metabolic type if you want to lose weight effectively.