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Brainwave Shots Review

by Emily Jacob (2018-12-18)

Let's say your printer Brainwave Shots is out of red ink-which means you can't print your letterhead. You KNOW that a new ink cartridge will fix the problem. And you KNOW you have a coupon in your drawer for a 50% discount at ABC Office Supplies. You KNOW where the store is located. You KNOW how to get there. You KNOW how to ask for it and pay for it. But right this minute you still can't print your letterhead.

Ok, let's say you ACTED and got the cartridge, got home, and put it on the shelf next to the printer. Well, now you KNOW where it is, and you KNOW you'll be able to continue with your work after you install it, and you KNOW how to install it, but it won't do you any good to KNOW all that until you actually perform the ACTION of installing it in the printer ... you KNOW that, don't you?