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Speak and Inspire Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-05-02)

Most of the managers feel that lower level Speak and Inspire employees are lethargic and they do not work. Having this mindset, they will take all steps to control employees. If the controlling methods are applied continuously, conflict will arise in the workplace. Managers' attitude towards employees will become conflict oriented instead of result oriented. 'As you are taking salary; why not do your work'! This kind of negative pressure from the seniors will make the employees resist the situation. Every employee feels that they should use all their strengths to complete the task in time. Nobody will have the attitude of 'simply sitting and monthly getting'. Even physically handicapped also wish to do something to earn their livelihood. No manager should feel that everybody is taking salary without performing. Managers with this kind of attitude always try to control their subordinates. When people are working with collective responsibility, it is not fair to think that only I am sweating and all others simply sitting and monthly getting their salary without working. In these circumstances subordinates feel that we are paid to do work and they follow the instructions of their superiors blindly and mechanically. If a manager does not give sufficient freedom to his subordinates to perform, there will be lot of coordination conflict among the team.