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Cerisea Medica Review

by Emily Jacob (2019-04-29)

Beginning with the overweight Cerisea Medica group, a 20% higher rate of pain was reported. As the respondents shifted into the obese groups, the 1st obese group reported a 68% higher incidence of pain, the 2nd reported a 136% higher incidence of pain, and the 3rd obese group recorded a 254% increased incidence of pain. These results solidify the link between obesity and pain in the United States. The study researchers theorized multiple explanations for the link. The first was the typical one including increased weight predisposing patients to arthritis and more pain with less arthritis in obese individuals as more stresses placed across the surface area of the joints. In a large percentage of patients, it is well-known that weight loss in obese individuals can significantly decrease the pain being experienced from arthritis. The 2nd reason hypothesized was the there is an increased amount of depression in obese patients, also an increased amount of pain in patients who are depressed. Therefore the transitive property of obesity leading to depression and depression leading to pain was thought to be a factor. The 3rd reason hypothesized was that obesity may cause physiologic changes that could result in inflammation and pain in the human body. Mind you, this is a theory and no hormone levels were actually checked. Patients who are either overweight or obese and experiencing pain may be able to significantly help the pain simply by dropping weight. Pain management programs should include weight loss in order to maximize successful outcomes along with including the typical physical therapy, chiropractic, and interventional pain treatments. The most common of the dozens of TMJ symptoms is jaw pain of the chewing muscles or the jaw joint. The Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is made up of many elements and problems can arise from any of them or from combinations of those elements. There are also people with TMJ problems that have no jaw pain and their problem is with functionality difficulties.