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Hypnosis Live Review

by Ellen Thomas (2019-04-29)

Unfortunately, we too have too often come to believe Hypnosis Live incorrect things about ourselves, and more importantly, about our God. Writing as a Christian, I know that far too many of us Christians act as if we serve a small, powerless God, rather than the All-Knowing, All-Powerful Creator of the Universe. Our God is too small! And too often we rob ourselves of faith and belief in our God, and in the abilities He has given us.So, how can we kill cowardice in this next week.Practice! Practice taking on challenges head on. It may mean calling that customer that you find intimidating. It may be a tough conversation with your spouse, your friend, or with a business partner. It may mean taking an action toward a decision that will take you out of your comfort zone, such as starting to write a book, starting that blog, or starting that business you have been afraid to start.Start Small. You don't have to start out by slaying a 9 foot giant. David, in Scripture, built his courage like a muscle by taking on predators who came after the sheep he was in charge of. Maybe you are not ready to be a manager at work today, but you can begin by stepping up and stepping out for higher risk assignments, or by volunteering to do things that may place you outside of your comfort zone, like doing a presentation that involves public speaking, for example.Go for the Gold. It's okay to receive rewards. When David was considering taking on the Giant, he asked what the reward was. He learned that whoever conquered the Giant would receive the king's beautiful daughter's hand in marriage, and that his family and his descendants would be granted tax exemption for generations to come. Remind yourself of the rewards of developing courage: increased self-esteem, greater moral fibre, greater opportunities, better rewards, both financially and intrinsically.